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  • Are you a hotel construction company, hotel operator, procurement agent or project manager?
  • Working on a new hotel project?
  • Still to purchase the operating equipment (OS&E)?
  • Hotel opening soon ?
    Hotel owners should not under estimate the value of operating supplies and equipment(OS&E) required for a new hotel project. This can often amount to many millions of Euros for a large hotel. Professional expertise is essential to negotiate the best prices and discounts, of hundreds of thousands of Euros, while ensuring the best quality.

    My name is Robert Dunn, I am a freelance procurement consultant specialising in international hotel projects. I have 20 years of experience, within a multi brand hotel environment & a vast network of suppliers, manufacturers and specialists at my disposal.

    What do I offer?
  • Procurement of operating supplies and equipment (OS&E) for luxury hotel projects.
  • Preparation of detailed customised equipment lists (5000 items), on excel (or online).
  • Guidance on international suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Guidance on luxury hotel standards & brands.

    How do I work?.In essence I act on behalf of the Client, to ensure value for money and correct standards of equipment.

    Web based service Increasingly, with the use the internet, I am able to offer a web based remote service
    for projects, and stakeholders in diverse locations. .

    Global supply network Vast network of trusted, pre qualified international project orientated suppliers and manufacturers. Strategic network of partners and specialists..

    Five star references from hotel groups such as Hilton and Le Meridien.

    Benefits Clients obtain quality products direct from manufacturers, at factory prices. Process is fully transparent & all supplier discounts are for the benefit of client.

    Competitive tendering.The selection of suppliers & products is through competitive tendering, ensuring best quality & value.