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  • Are you a hotel construction company, hotel operator, procurement agent or project manager?
  • Working on a new hotel project?
  • Still to purchase the operating equipment (OS&E)?
  • Hotel opening soon ?
    Hotel owners should not under estimate the value of operating supplies and equipment(OS&E) required for a new hotel project. This can often amount to many millions of Euros for a large hotel. Professional expertise is essential to negotiate the best prices and discounts, of hundreds of thousands of Euros, while ensuring the best quality.

    My name is Robert Dunn, I am a freelance procurement consultant specialising in international hotel projects. I have 20 years of experience, within a multi brand hotel environment & a vast network of suppliers, manufacturers and specialists at my disposal.

    What do I offer?
  • Procurement of operating supplies and equipment (OS&E) for luxury hotel projects.
  • Preparation of detailed customised equipment lists (5000 items), on excel (or online).
  • Guidance on international suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Guidance on luxury hotel standards & brands.